Who We Are

Uganda speaks is a network for digital users telling stories, presenting alternative narratives and supporting causes that advance social justice and human development in Uganda.

Uganda is a young a country, with more than 70% below the age of 30. Social media has opened up spaces that we never dreamt of. Conversations about the Uganda we want are no longer only taking place on radio and TV sets. With internet and social media bulge, anyone with a gadget, recorder, video camera, phone can be a source of content and can advance conversations that would otherwise might have been filtered.
The internet provides us an opportunity for peer to peer engagement. From politics to social issues to religion, Ugandans are talking to, teaching and challenging each other on social media platforms.

Speak Out Uganda is an online platform that supports various civic and social justice causes especially those that engage young Ugandans. This loose network was first put in place in March 2012 to respond to Kony2012, a viral video produced by the charity Invisible Children on the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) war the devastated many in Northern Uganda, Eastern DRC, South Sudan and Central African Republic.
Within 24 hours of the release of Kony2012, our team proactively responded to the video on various social media platforms using #Uganda2012 to recapture the narrative about Joseph Kony and LRA impact on Northern Uganda. Most Ugandans were shocked by a video that moved to “Make Kony Famous” and mischaracterized the war in Northern Uganda (the war ended in 2006). We worked together for the first to tell you the real story!
Since 2012, we have used this platform to bring together Ugandans who are working for positive social change in our country.