A Dam Relief begins in May 2012 – Uganda’s Truth will follow

10 April 2012

It is quite interesting and rather DEPRESSING every time I learn that people in the so called developed countries know so little about Uganda and other developing countries at large. I watched the above video just a few minutes ago and all I see is a huge imbalance in knowledge.

When I travel outside my country people ask me “where did you learn to speak English? Its quite interesting to hear that you can speak so well!” And I always have to explain how English is my official language extra. Apart from speaking English so well, I also know a lot about North America, parts of Europe, Asia and of course lots about Africa – the cultures, economic activities or geography of these regions. This is because Uganda’s education system makes it mandatory for me to learn about the world at different levels through my education. Now at some point this felt really confusing and useless to me.

Today, I appreciate that my education system opens boarders and teaches me about the parts of the world which as a child or student I never even imagined I would visit in my life. As I speak, I have been blessed to see different countries across Africa, parts of North America, Asia and spent a couple of hours in Middle East.

However, I am very much concerned and disappointed when I learn that the rest of the world learns almost nothing about my country, culture extra.

Back to the above video:

In May 2012 A Dam Relief will begin; for the next year, Ugandans will show you the truth about their beautiful country.

As well as many entertaining videos, we will be uploading interviews with Ugandans from many walks of life, including those who lived in areas effected by Joseph Kony’s army BEFORE HE LEFT Uganda in 2006.

We have been interviewing Ugandans on the best way for progress, the stability of their country, and social issues such as gay rights. (Yes – in Uganda one is allowed to speak his or her mind).

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This video (and those forthcoming) will be more important for Uganda than ‘KONY 2012: Part II – Beyond Famous’. It won’t help to STOP KONY but it will help Uganda.